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As a Northern Vermont native, Cyrus Schenck grew up skiing the beautifully harsh conditions of the east coast. Schenck searched the world over to find a ski that could adapt to the many varieties of conditions he faced daily and his efforts were met with little success… so he decided to build it himself.

With a passion for design, a deep appreciation of simplified engineering, and a love for speed - Schenck translated these passions into revolutionary ski designs and founded RENOUN.

Like most Vermonters, Schenck remains anchored to the foundations of hard work and carries a “do it yourself” attitude that has propelled his entrepreneurial career. To fund his passion project Cyrus started a window washing business, servicing over 200 local clients to build funding for his brand.

While attending Clarkson University, Cyrus was introduced to the concept of a non-Newtonian polymer. Three short years later in 2015, RENOUN captured the coveted world-class ISPO GOLD Award in Munich Germany in recognition of its pioneering technological design. Receiving international acclaim in an industry rife with familiar designs and "new-but-same" innovations, Schenck saw his vision become reality. Most recently, RENOUN took first prize in the 2015 LaunchVT competition earning recognition in his home state where it all began.

Motivated by the never-ending pursuit of superior performance through engineering and beautiful design, Schenck has firmly planted RENOUN on the ski industry’s map.

As RENOUN prepares for the future they bring with them a proven ability to engineer, create, and build products that continually challenge industry standards. There is no doubt that conventional wisdom has become a footnote in the progressive pages written by the company’s Founder


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