Black Crows Mirus Cor vs. Renoun Endurance 88

Black Crow Mirus Cor vs. Renoun Endurance 88

The Mirus Cor and the Endurance 88 share one thing in common: they both love to carve. But what about everything else? Here’s how the two skis stack up side-by-side.


Renoun's Endurance 88 is known for its exceptional stability, thanks to its innovative design using non-Newtonian polymer called VibeStop™ Technology. This tech helps adapt the ski's stiffness to changing conditions, providing stability across various terrains. The Mirus Cor also offers stability, although it might lean slightly towards a more playful feel with it’s super-tight sidecut. Its construction with a mix of materials provides decent stability but might not match the Renoun's unique technology in this aspect


While being stable, the Endurance 88 maintains a playful nature, allowing for some fun in varied terrain without compromising stability. It strikes a good balance between playfulness and stability. The Mirus Cor is often noted for its playful nature, offering skiers a more nimble and energetic feel, which can be great for those who prefer a more lively ride.


Renoun's technology enhances edge-to-edge performance, providing a responsive and smooth transition from one edge to the other, ensuring precise control on turns. The Mirus Cor is agile and responsive, offering good edge-to-edge performance. However, it might not have the same level of technological innovation as Renoun.


Renoun skis are designed for versatility, performing well in a variety of conditions from groomers to mixed terrain. The Endurance 88 offers a versatile platform suitable for various skiing styles. The Mirus Cor is versatile too, but its playful nature might make it slightly more biased toward certain types of skiers who prefer a livelier ride.


The Mirus has an absurdly tight turning radius so when it comes time to turn it over, you better be ready. While the Endurance can’t match the Miro for it’s pure ‘turn and burn’ eye-popping turns, it makes up for it in a more friendly and versatile package.


Black Crows seem to be filling up the ski racks these days with their eye-popping colors and “look at me” graphcis. Comparatively, the understated Renoun Endurance 88 puts that energy under the hood where performance really counts

".. the Renoun Endurance 88 puts it's energy under the hood where performance really counts."