Blackcrows Chamox vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

Blackcrows Chamox vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

Blackcrows Chamox vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

Blackcrows was once a niche brand with a cult following, but now they are producing some of the more innovative ski shapes on the market. Anytime someone is comparing innovation, underdog and newcomer Renoun is in the mix. The Blackcrows Chamox and Renoun Endurance 98 are each other's direct competitors, but one may rank supreme over the other.


Renoun's proprietary Vibestop™ Known for its stability, especially at higher speeds and on varied terrain, the Endurance 98’s design provides exceptional dampening, minimizing vibrations and ensuring a stable ride even on challenging slopes. The Chamox offers decent stability, but it might not match the Endurance's level due to its lighter construction. It can feel slightly less controlled at higher speeds or in rough conditions.


While focusing more on stability, the Endurance 98 still retains a playful side. Its lightweight core but aggressive shape creates a creative paint brush to design the mountain with. Generally considered more playful and maneuverable due to its more freestyle-oriented design, the Chamox could feel livelier and easier to maneuver in softer snow or when executing tricks.


The Renouns offer a smooth transition from edge to edge, providing a good balance between stability and agility. Its responsive nature allows for snappy turns and quick edge changes. The Blackcrows are known for their nimbleness and agility in turning. It does wonderfully going edge to edge, which is where a lighter design can pay off.


The Endurance is highly versatile, performing well across various snow conditions and terrain types. Its Vibestop™ technology makes it suitable for all-mountain skiing, including groomers, bumps, and some powder chasing adventures. While versatile, the Chamox leans more towards freestyle and all-mountain skiing. It thrives in softer snow and off-piste conditions but might feel slightly less stable on hard-packed groomers compared to the Endurance.


The Endurance 98 performs admirably deeper snow, even though it’s under the 100mm mark for waist width. Having the non-newtonian polymer as a secret weapon, this ski impresses off trail as much as it does on trail. The Chamox tends to find its place in softer snow, making it a great choice for powder skiing.


While Blackcrows make some phenomenal skis, the Chamox just did not blow anyone out of the water. Performing well everywhere, but not amazing anywhere just had people looking for more. When compared to the Endurance 98, it is hard to hold up to one of the most innovative and versatile skis on the market.

"(...the Endurance 98's) lightweight core but aggressive shape creates a creative paint brush to design the mountain with."