Blizzard Rustler 9 vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

Blizzard Rustler 9 vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

We’ve all seen the popular Rustler skis zipping around the slopes, but Renoun’s are a much more rare breed. How does a ski from the upstart Renoun compare to the legendary prowess of the Blizzard family? Pretty well, it turns out. Read on:


Renoun's unique VibeStop™ Technology provides exceptional stability by dynamically adjusting the ski's stiffness according to terrain. This tech significantly reduces vibrations, ensuring a smoother and more stable ride (and turns out customers say it’s better for their knees). The Rustler 9 offers good stability due to its ‘Fluxform’ (not to be confused with a Flux Capacitor), which integrates metal layers into the ski construction for added stability without compromising on maneuverability.


While being stable, the Endurance 98 maintains a playful feel due to its tip-to-tail band of titanal metal. It remains responsive and maneuverable, allowing skiers to engage in playful turns and tricks. The Rustler 9 is also playful, with a more freestyle-oriented design that lends itself to buttering, quick turns, and varied terrain exploration.


The Endurance 98 features a design that allows for smooth edge-to-edge transitions, making it responsive and agile. Blizzard's Rustler 9 is pretty soft (and heavy) making it less manueverable in tight situations.


Renoun skis are known for their versatility, catering to a wide range of skiing styles and terrain. The Endurance 98 excels in various conditions, from groomers to off-piste. The Rustler 9 is versatile too, performing admirably across different terrains and conditions.


Both skis strike a good balance between carving and powder skiing, making it versatile for both but not excelling significantly in either.


The Rustler is a self ski that can is geared towards freetyle skiing. It's extra heft allow it to be stable, but at the expense of needing alot of energy to maneuver. Conversely, the Endurance 98 is much more lively and energetic, and the VibeStop™ seems to keep it just as stable somehow — it’s magic.

"The VibeStop™ Technology gives the Endurance 98 an edge over the Rustler 9"