Dynastar M-Pro 99 vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

Dynastar M-Pro 99 vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

The Dynastar M-Pro 99 has become a staple ski to see at the resort the past couple years, and for good reason. However, there must always come a time where the mighty must fall, and the Renoun Endurance 98 is here to take down Goliath.


Renoun's patented non-Newtonian polymer makes the ski incredibly stable at speed, providing a damp and smooth ride on any terrain and at high velocities. While the M-Pro 99 offers good stability due to its construction, it might not be as damp or vibration-absorbing as the Renoun due to different materials and design.


While known for stability, the Endurance 98 isn't lacking in playfulness. Its design allows for some quick, snappy maneuvers, making it suitable for varied skiing styles. The M-Pro 99 might have a nature more catered towards freestyle, making it fun for tricks, jumps, and quick turns.


Renoun's design allows for a relatively quick edge-to-edge transfer, offering a good balance between responsiveness and stability. The Dynastars might have a slight edge in responsiveness due to its lighter construction, providing quicker transitions but taking a hit in stability.


The Endurance 98 excels across various conditions, from hardpack to softer snow. Its stability makes it versatile for different skiing styles and terrain types. Similarly versatile, the M-Pro 99 is designed to handle different conditions well, although it might feel a bit more specialized for freestyle or all-mountain skiing.


The Renoun’s offer solid riding in deeper snow. With the 98mm waist width, it floats and slashes surprisingly well. The M-Pro 99 is slightly more oriented towards powder skiing with its lighter core, its design might favor softer snow conditions in comparison to the hardpack.


While the Dynastar M-Pro Free is becoming a popular choice amongst skiers this season, it is clear that people just don’t know what they are missing. The M-Pro may have some flashy big name skiers backing it up, but the Renoun Endurance 98 puts its money where its mouth is by proving that quality and performance will win any comparison.

"...the mighty must fall, and the Renoun Endurance 98 is here to take down Goliath. "

Renoun vs. Dynastar

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