K2 Mindbender 106C vs. Renoun Citadel 106 Review

K2 Mindbender 106C vs. Renoun Citadel 106 Review

K2 Mindbender 106c vs. Renoun Citadel 106 Review

The K2 Mindbender 106c is a beast of a deeper snow, all mountain ski that has gained significant popularity in K2’s lineup. The Renoun Citadel is a newcomer that rivals the big brand’s Mindbender, and for very good reason.


Renoun's non-newtonian polymer material, VibeStop™, enhances stability by adapting to changing conditions, providing a smooth ride in any terrain. The Mindbender 106c offers good stability with its carbon spectral braid and overall construction, providing a solid platform for skiers at high speeds in most conditions.


Despite its stability, the Citadel 106 remains as playful as you want, allowing for maneuverability and playfulness when you want to pivot or play around. The K2 has a balanced level of playfulness, responsive enough for tricks and quick turns while maintaining fairly good stability.


The Citadel 106 performs well edge-to-edge due to its construction, providing a responsive feel and good control when initiating turns. The Mindbender tends to roll edge to edge well, enabling quick transitions between turns and responsiveness on various terrain.


Known for its versatility, the Citadel 106 finds its home in any terrain, making it a suitable choice for skiers who like to explore varied conditions from groomers to waist deep powder. Also versatile, the Mindbender is capable of handling different snow conditions, making it a reliable choice for skiers who seek a ski that can adapt to changing terrain, but may not live up to Renoun’s Vibestop technology.


The Renouns are truly animals going uphill and are unmatched in the powder coming down. This is due to its construction and design, having a lightweight core, while having stability at the same time. Similarly capable in powder skiing, the K2s have a design that allows for solid performance in varied conditions, but may not feel as comfortable as a touring ski.


Looking at downhill performance, both skis really do ski extremely well. However, for the person putting a touring binding on either of these skis, there is no question that the Renoun Citadel 106 is the right choice. Being about 300g lighter, per ski, why wouldn’t you choose a lighter ski that performs at the same level, if not better, than its competitors?

"...there is no question that the Renoun Citadel 106 is the right choice."