K2 Mindbender 89Ti vs Renoun Endurance 88 Review

K2 Mindbender 89Ti vs Renoun Endurance 88 Review

Finally, a mashup that really is mindbending: the K2’s halo ski vs the Endurnace 88. Let’s find out how the Mindbender’s performance stack up to the legendary stability and playfulness of the Endurance 88.


Renoun's patented VibeStop™ Technology with non-Newtonian polymer adds stability by adjusting the ski's stiffness characteristics based on the terrain. It provides a damp and stable ride, where the Mindbender has K2's Titanal Y-Beam construction that offers good stability and power transmission, making it stable at higher speeds and on variable terrain.


While focused on stability, the Endurance still retains a level of playfulness from a full-maple core, especially in softer snow conditions. The Mindbender series (not just the 89Ti) generally has a reputation for being playful due to its shapen, but the softer flex means it can wash out when pushed hard..


The Renoun's has a quick edge-to-edge transition, making it suitable for varied terrain and responsive to fast changes in direction. The more subtle rocker profile of the K2's allow for smooth edge-to-edge transitions as well.


Known for its versatility, the Endurance series performs well across different conditions, including groomed runs, crud, and softer snow, thanks to its balanced design. Similarly versatile, Mindbenders handle various conditions well and are suitable for skiers who like to explore different terrains.


While the Endurance 88 isn’t specifically designed as a powder ski, it can handle moderate powder conditions decently well. The Mindbender 89Ti's might perform slightly better in deeper powder but sacrifices a bit in carving precision on hard-packed snow.


Does the Mindbender 89Ti really bend the mind? Ultimately both of these skis are playful and super fun to take in a wide range of conditions, but the Endurance 88 can do more while weighing less.

".. ultimately the Renoun Endurance 88 can do more while weighing less."