K2 Mindbender 99Ti vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

K2 Mindbender 99Ti vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

The K2 Mindbender 99Ti is a true swiss army knife of a ski that has gained significant popularity in K2’s lineup. The Renoun Endurance 98 is the latest and greatest that happens to rival the big brand’s Mindbender series, and for very good reason.


Renoun skis are renowned (pun intended) for their stability. The Endurance 98, with its unique VibeStop™ Technology, offers exceptional stability at high speeds and absorbs vibrations effectively, enhancing control and confidence anywhere on the mountain. The Mindbender 99Ti also provides good stability due to its Titanal Y-Beam construction, which adds strength and stability while minimizing chatter. However, in direct comparison to the Renoun, some users may find it slightly less dampening.


Despite its stability, the Endurance 98 maintains a super snappy and responsive feel. It makes it easy to pop into freestyle-like maneuvers and feels comfortable in the air. The Mindbender 99Ti offers a playful nature as well, thanks to its versatile construction. It feels nimble and responsive, offering a good balance between stability and playfulness.


The Endurance 98 has a solid edge hold and performs admirably in carving due to its camber underfoot. Its ability to initiate turns smoothly contributes to an excellent edge-to-edge transition. The K2s feature a more forgiving feel, making edge-to-edge transitions smooth and effortless, especially for skiers who prefer a ski that's less demanding. However, this tradeoff tends to give a less confident feel when carving at speed.


The Endurance 98 was crafted with versatility on the front of the mind. Its combination of stability, playfulness, and edge hold makes it suitable for a wide range of conditions and terrains, from groomers to sweet sweet powder. Similarly, the Mindbender 99Ti is designed to be versatile, handling different conditions effectively. It's a ski that can handle groomed runs, bumps, and some off-piste terrain.


While not specifically designed as a dedicated powder ski, the Endurance 98 performs surprisingly well in powder with its 98mm waist width, it offers enough floatation for most powder conditions. Similarly, the K2 isn't a powder-specific ski but handles powder reasonably well for its width, providing adequate floatation in softer snow.


K2 has always made an amazing ski, and the Mindbender series is no exception. But, how do you even compare a very traditional construction with the latest and greatest technology on the market? The Renoun Endurance 98 is in a world of its own when compared to the rest of the wider all-mountain skis out there.

"The Renoun Endurance 98 is in a world of its own when compared to the rest of the wider all-mountain skis out there"

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