Kastle MX83 vs Renoun Atlas 80 Comparison Review

Kastle MX83 vs Renoun Atlas 80 Comparison

The Kastle MX83 has long been lauded as one of the classic skis to turn to when you’re looking for a carving ski. But more recently, the Atlas 80 by Renoun has challenged that with their new VibeStop™ Technology that calms chatter better than anything else we’ve seen.



Renoun skis are acclaimed for their stability due to their VibeStop Technology. The Atlas, in particular, offers exceptional stability at higher speeds and in varied terrain. The unique non-Newtonian polymer dampens vibrations, providing a smooth and stable ride. Kastle skis are also known for stability, and the MX83 is no exception. It has a solid construction that offers stability at speed and in various conditions, but the MX83 is only able to achieve the same levels of stability by adding weight.


Despite its stability, the Atlas 80 maintains a level of playfulness, allowing for enjoyable turns and a responsive feel. Its versatility contributes to its playful nature, enabling skiers to explore different styles and terrains comfortably. The MX83 tends to lean more towards a more planted feel  over outright playfulness.


Renoun's new VibeStop™ Technology enhances edge-to-edge performance by reducing chatter and enhancing edge grip (basically increasing the amount of time the edge is in contact with the snow). This technology contributes to a smoother transition from edge to edge, providing a responsive and precise skiing experience. Kastle’s are known for excellent grip as well, but again, at the expense of some liveilness.


The Atlas is designed to be versatile, performing well across a variety of conditions. Its stability, combined with a moderate waist width, allows it to handle both groomed runs and off-piste terrain confidently. While versatile in its own right, the MX83 might excel more on groomed runs due to its construction and edge hold. It might not perform as well in deeper or variable snow compared to the Atlas.


Both the Atlas 80 and MX83 carve like a dream and both excel in making precise, powerful, and controlled carves on groomed terrain, allowing for a high level of performance in this aspect.


If you’re looking to make smooth, powerful turns, these skis won’t disappoint. It really comes down to how much rebound you like in your skis: that MX83 will be more planted and flat, while the Atlas 80 has more spring and rebound to the turns.

".. the Atlas 80 has more spring and rebound coming out of the turns."