Nordica Enforcer Unleashed 98 vs. Renoun Endurance 98


At its core, the Enforcer Unleashed 98 is a tamed version of the original Enforcer – the ski that put Nordica on the map almost a decade ago. As market trends change, Nordica is responding with the “unleashed” version of their benchmark-setting ski. By maintaining some of the original Enforcer DNA, Nordica is hoping to breathe new life into aging tech and extend their reign. But how does this newly designed ski compare to the latest and greatest technology that Renoun Skis is using in their Endurance 98?


The “unleashed” version is simply less stable than the original. Tipping the scales a whopping 400g lighter than its groundbreaking sibling, this a guarantee to change performance. You simply can’t lose that kind of weight and expect that original ‘get-out-of-my-way’ stability to persist.

How does the Endurance manage to shed grams without compromise? They put VibeStop™ Technology inside the ski core — basically a non-Newtonian polymer that absorbs vibrations. The resulting ride is far smoother than you’d expect from a ski that's almost 200g lighter than the Enforcer Unleashed. It’s uncanny how stable the Renoun Endurance 98 can be. We had to double check that weight – yes, it really is 200g lighter.  


With a lightweight Aspen core and 2” band of titanal (instead of the 2 full sheets you'll find in the Enforcer), the Endurance 98 is the ski of choice if you enjoy a lively ski. The Enforcer, with its extra heavy metal (see what we did there? 🤘🏻), prefers to stay on the ground. Looking at the two of these skis side by side, they cater to very different preferences. Both are certainly worthy of the title of an “all-mountain ski”, but the Renoun Endurance, with its VibeStop™ technology inside, offers a wider range of performance than the Enforcer Unleashed.


This is a bit of a moot point between the two: both are the same width underfoot and share similar dimensions. Testers did note that with a slightly tighter turning radius, the Endurance has a zippier feel on hardpack.


When you jump off the deep-end, these skis are both going to shine. Sure, neither will give you the float of a wider platform, but for most of us, they will be more than enough for all but the deepest days.

If you’re looking for a lighter version of tried and true shape, the Enforcer Unleased 98 is a copy-and-paste from the old era and you can’t go wrong. The Renoun Endurance 98 is something new, with a unique set of properties you can’t find anywhere else. No king reigns forever; Renoun is giving the old dogs a run for their money.



"The VibeStop™ technology gives the Endurance 98 an edge over the Enforcer"

Renoun vs. Nordica

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