Peak 88 vs Renoun Endurance 88 Comparison Review

Peak 88 vs Renoun Endurance 88

Peak came hot out of the gate 2 years ago with a lineup that looks eerily similar to another brand’s: Renoun. But how does the Peak 88 (basically a re-skinned Elan ski) stack up against the Endurance 88 with it’s novel VibeStop™ Technology inside? Well, we tried both. 


Renoun's Endurance 88 is known for its stability due to its new VibeStop™ Technology, which adapts in real-time to varying conditions, providing a consistent and stable ride. The Peak 88 offers good stability, but it did not always match the Endurance's exceptional stability, especially in variable conditions or at high speeds.


While being stable, the Endurance 88 also possesses a surprising level of playfulness, allowing for quick turns and maneuvers when needed. The Peak 88 offers a good amount of playfulness but might feel slightly more rigid and heavy compared to the Endurance's more subtle design, limiting the Peak’s agility in certain situations.


Renoun's technology enhances edge-to-edge transition, allowing for smoother and quicker movements from one turn to another. The Peak 88 has good edge-to-edge capabilities, too. Ultimately, both skis are 88 underfoot so we expect this to be similar.


The Peak 88 prefer’s to be planted on the ground. While stable like the Endurnace, we found it to be better suited for more careful skiing. Renoun's Endurance 88 has a full canadian-maple core and thus highly versatile, performing admirably across various terrains and conditions, from groomers to variable snow.


The Endurance 88 excels in carving, offering excellent edge grip and stability, while also managing moderate powder conditions decently. The Peak 88 is good for carving but we found the flatter camber design to rebound less than the Renoun.


The Peak 88 and Endurance 88 both hit that sweet-spot for a all-mountain ski on paper, but the decision really comes down to your skiing style: More careful skiers who prefer to stay on the snow at all times would do better on the Peak, while those looking for a bit more liveliness and versatility should check out the Endurance 88.



".. those looking for more liveliness and versatility should check out the Endurance 88."