Salomon Echo 106 vs. Renoun Citadel 106 Review

Salomon Echo 106 vs. Renoun Citadel 106 Review

Brand spankin’ new to the market, the Salomon Echo 106 is designed to be a Swiss army knife of a ski. The only thing that can rival it in its own category is going to be the Renoun Citadel 106. With similar measurements and profile, the Citadel may outrank the new Salomon model with help from some impressive technology.


Renoun skis are known for their stability due to their VibeStop™ Technology, which adapts to the snow conditions, offering a smooth and stable ride in any situation. The QST Echo provides decent stability but might not match the Citadel's level due to differences in construction and lack of progressive technology.


While the Citadel is stable, it doesn’t compromise on playfulness. Its design allows for agility and responsiveness, making it fun in any conditions, and even freestyle maneuvers. The Echo also offers playfulness but might have a slightly different feel compared to the Citadel, possibly feeling livelier or more responsive in some technical situations, but lesser in more recreational ones.


Renoun skis typically have excellent edge-to-edge performance, allowing for quick and precise turns. The QST Echo also performs well edge-to-edge but might not match the precise feel of the Citadel since the Echo is not as torsionally rigid.


The Citadel is known for its versatility, performing admirably in various conditions including powder, groomers, and mixed terrain. Similarly, the QST Echo is versatile, offering a good balance across different snow conditions and terrain types.


The Citadel handles powder exceptionally well. Its design allows for fun and easy turns. The QST Echo is also capable in powder but might have a slightly different feel compared to the Citadel based on the specific ski design and technology.


The Echo by Salomon is a great ski, and having help from Cody Townsend in the design process, it is going to attract some attention. But is this ski designed to be a little too niche to stand up to competitors like the Renoun Citadel? The underdog Renoun just so happens to outperform the latest from Salomon.

"The underdog Renoun just so happens to outperform the latest from Salomon."

Renoun vs. Salomon

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