Völkl Blaze 86 vs. Renoun Endurance 88 Review

Völkl Blaze 86 vs. Renoun Endurance 88 Review

Völkl has been a key player in the ski industry since the very beginning. The Völkl Blaze 86 is a newer ski from the company to try and keep up with new names breaking through. Renoun is one of those names, and the Renoun Endurance 88 is one of their skis that is turning heads and smoking the competition.


Renoun's proprietary Vibestop™ Technology with non-Newtonian polymer ensures exceptional stability by adapting to different terrains and speeds, offering a smoother ride even on rough or variable snow. The Blaze offers good stability due to its multi-layer wood core and partial sidewall construction, but it might not absorb vibrations as effectively as the Renoun model.


While known for stability, the Endurance maintains a surprising level of playfulness. The blend of materials and design allows for responsive and nimble turns, making it fun and versatile on the slopes. Generally regarded as more playful due to its lighter construction, the Völkl Blaze makes it simple to maneuver and easy to throw around tight trees and bumps.


Renoun's Endurance 88 offers excellent edge-to-edge responsiveness, allowing for quick and precise turns thanks to its construction and innovative materials.The Blaze 86 is similar in responsiveness but might not feel as immediate in edge transitions compared to the Endurance 88.


The Endurance excels in versatility due to its ability to handle various snow conditions with ease, making it suitable for both groomed runs and off-piste adventures. The Völkl's are highly versatile but might lean slightly more towards groomed runs rather than deep powder compared to the Endurance 88.


The Renoun Endurance 88 offers exceptional carving abilities with its strong edge hold and precise turning capabilities. The Völkl Blaze 86 performs well in carving due to its camber profile but might not have the same level of edge hold due to its lightweight construction.


It’s impressive to see Völkl breaking out of their usual shell by creating something lightweight and versatile, but is it worth the lack of instability? Gaining just a touch more weight, but a whole lot of life, the Endurance 88 takes the cake here hands down.

" Gaining just a touch more weight, but a whole lot of life, the Endurance 88 takes the cake here hands down."

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