Volkl Deacon 84 vs Renoun Atlas 80


What the Volkl Deacon 84 has in weight, the Atlas 80 makes up for in technology. The VibeStop™ technology that's embedded inside the Atlas 80 gives the Renoun a more stable platform than you'd expect based on numbers alone. The Atlas 80 also recently nabbed a SKI Magazine award over the Deacon 84.


Both the Deacon 84 and the Atlas 80 are playful carving skis that can handle a wide variety of snow conditions. The Atlas 80, however, provides more zippiness and zest, as the Deacon is tailored to be more of an all-mountain ski than a true carver.


The Deacon 84 and the Atlas 80 provide similar width underfoot. However, in practice, the Atlas 80 has a tighter turn radius and will feel quicker and more nimble edge-to-edge than the Deacon 84.


Both skis are engineered to be carving skis that can handle off-trail conditions. The Deacon 84 leans towards the conservative skier hoping to dip their toes off-trail on occasion. The VibeStop™ technology in the Atlas 80 provides a wider envelope of utility; serious carving chops with go-anywhere balance.


The Deacon 84 is really designed to be an intermediate cruiser ski. Sure, it can carve without issue, but its intended audience is clearly beginning/intermediate, more conservative skiers. Conversely, the Renoun Atlas 80 boasts a more solid platform, allowing it to live up to the challenges presented by more advanced and adventurous skiers.



"The VibeStop™ technology gives the Atlas 80 an edge over the Deacon 82"

Renoun vs. Volkl

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