Volkl Mantra M6 vs. Renoun Endurance 98

The Volkl Manta M6 has gone through numerous revisions, and each time the ski world morns the passing of the previous generation. But over the last near-decade reign, new skis have increasingly challenged the Mantra’s prominence. One that is often compared is the Renoun Endurance 98. Armed with a new technology, VibeStop™, Renoun has shown an uncanny ability to upend the status-quo. Here’s how they compare:

Starting with the Volkl Mantra M6, this ski has gained a reputation over it’s long life of many face-lifts for its versatility and performance. It is a favorite among advanced and expert skiers who want a ski that can handle various conditions and terrain. The Mantra M6 features a full wood core and a multi-layer Titanal frame, which provides stability and power at high speeds. Its 96mm waist width allows for easy maneuverability on groomed runs, while also providing enough width for off-piste adventures. The ski's rocker-camber-rocker profile ensures excellent edge grip and responsiveness. Overall, the Volkl Mantra M6 is a solid choice for skiers looking for a high-performing all-mountain ski. It’s a tried-and-true classic and one

On the other hand, the Renoun Endurance 98 is known for its innovative technology and performance. Renoun skis are unique in that they feature a non-Newtonian polymer layer that adjusts to the skiing conditions in real-time called VibeStop™. This means that the ski becomes stiffer when you need more stability and softer when you need that supple feel. The ski's rocker-camber-rocker profile also provides excellent maneuverability and control. The Renoun Endurance 98 is an underdog that’s quickly gaining a reputation for maintaining performance across a wider range of conditions with its adaptive VibeStop™ technology.

On the whole, the Endurance 98 is a more lively and playful ski than the Mantra M6 which tends to be regarded as a more ‘serious’ heavy ski (it’s nearly 250g heavier than the Endurance 98). The M6’s shape is designed in a way where the effective edge from the rocker is ‘engaged’ at a very specific point in the turn. This makes for a binary experience of either being engaged or dis-engaged. It’s not a bad thing (Volkl sells a thousands of these skis!) but it’s a more traditional design approach.

At the end of the run, both the Volkl Mantra M6 and the Renoun Endurance 98 are excellent all-mountain skis with their own unique features. The Mantra M6 is a classic design while the Endurance 98 offers innovative technology that adapts to changing conditions.



"The VibeStop™ technology gives the Endurance 98 an edge over the M6"

Renoun vs. Volkl

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