WNDR Vital 100 vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

WNDR Vital 100 vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

WNDR Vital 100 vs. Renoun Endurance 98 Review

These two brands are both newcomers to the ski industry, bringing a fresh look to the sport with some incredible technologies. The WNDR Vital 100 utilizes an algae-based polymer in their core, where the Renoun Endurance 98 uses a non-Newtonian polymer in theirs. Which tech will rank supreme when head to head?


Renoun skis are renowned (pun intended!) for their stability, largely due to the use of that non-Newtonian polymer in their construction. This material adjusts its properties based on skiing conditions, providing exceptional stability and vibration dampening. The WNDR Vital 100 also offers stability, benefiting from its thoughtful design and materials, although it might not have the same level of vibration absorption as the Endurance 98.


The Endurance 98 strikes a balance between stability and playfulness, offering a good amount of energy and responsiveness, making it lively and fun for playful maneuvers. The Vital 100 is also designed to be playful, catering to skiers who enjoy a more nimble and responsive feel on the mountain. Both skis create a playground on the mountain and ensure a great time.


Renoun skis often excel in edge-to-edge performance, providing quick transitions and a strong grip on various snow conditions. The Vital 100 is known for its agility, allowing for quick edge-to-edge transitions but might not match the Endurance 98's precise feel due to Renoun’s stiffer torsional rigidity.


Renoun skis, including the Endurance 98, are often praised for their versatility, performing well across different terrains and conditions thanks to the Vibestop™ technology. Similarly, the Vital 100 is designed with versatility in mind, capable of handling varied terrain and snow conditions, although its design might lean slightly more towards certain conditions.


The Endurance performs admirably in powder due to its design and width, allowing for decent floatation and lively feel. The Vital 100 is a touch wider, so anything with a larger platform will have a slight advantage in float. It may have a less energetic feel though, due to its differing core construction.


It is clear that both WNDR and Renoun appreciate and value innovation within the ski industry. The biggest difference between the two companies and their new technology is performance. While both are really cool, it always has to come down to how they ski, and Renoun's Endurance 98 goes home with the trophy every time.

"...it always has to come down to how they ski, and Renoun's Endurance 98 goes home with the trophy..."