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Skiing never felt so good.

VibeStop™ Technology elevates your performance on any terrain.
  • More playful
    2 partial strips of metal for a more playful feel.
  • Go anywhere
    Maximum edge-hold on corduroy and plenty of flotation in powder.
  • Faster bases
    Sintered 4001 Durasurf bases are the optimal balance of speed and durability.
  • Save your knees
    VibeStop soaks up chatter and vibrations so your knees don’t have to.
Durable Nylon Topsheet
Titanal Binding Reinforcement Plate
UHMW Sidewall
8 inlays of VibeStop™
4001 Sintered Race Base
24 oz Triaxial Fiberglass
Aspen Wood Core
24 oz Triaxial Fiberglass
Hardened Steel Edges
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Ski longer with VibeStop™

A non-Newtonian polymer called VibeStop™ is precisely inlayed into every ski we make. When exposed to vibrations while skiing, the polymer instantly reacts and actively dampens the ski up to 300%. Instantly adapting to ski conditions and your skiing style, VibeStop™ allows you to ski harder, run after run.

It’s not rocket science. It’s ski science.

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Minimized Chatter

VibeStop™ decreases chatter & vibrations by over 300%.

More grip

Less chatter means better grip for more control — let it rip.

Increased Confidence

More stability for greater confidence no matter what terrain you're on.

The Renoun Guarantee

Free Returns And Exchanges

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All Renoun skis are handmade in Canada using the finest materials.

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Andy N.
United States

Awesome Skis! Amazing Ride!

Finally got to try my new Endurance 98's on my local hill (Beech Mountain, NC) and all I can say is Wow! these skis really do stand up to the hype. I debated between the 88 and 98 with this purchase - afraid the 98 might not carve on the Ice and hard chunk here on the east coast. I decided to go for the 98 since I take a few trips out west each year and I already have a pair of Rossignol Endurance 88s. I'm very happy with my choice of the 98s. They carved well, and were confidence inspiring on the ice and hard crud with an amazingly smooth ride at speeds I normally would not push my old Rossis. The 98s were also great in the left over powder I was able to find off the groomers. I'm looking forward to seeing how they perform out west later this season. So far, I'm blown away at the ride quality and versatility!

Alexander Z.
United States United States

Best ski ever

These skis just want to be put on edge and rip some tracks. I have taken these in the woods too, and they just turn as quickly as you think about turning them. The VibeStop really kills the chatter and ice we have over here on the East Coast in Vermont to help me ride all day long. I highly recommend these skis.

Dawn F.
United States United States


The Endurance is such an amazing all mountain ski! I love this ski in all conditions! They are fantastic! I highly recommend them! Their customer service is great! They are very helpful and knowledgeable!

Donna D.
United States United States

Great Fun

I’ve really enjoyed the Endurance 98’s It’s the only ski I’ve been on since receiving them.

George D.
United States United States

Excellent with some caveats

Having used the Endurance (170 length) at Killington and Vail I now feel I can give an accurate review. My ski for comparison is a Kastle MX 98 (174 length). The Endurance is hands down the superior ski for powder, bumps and glades. The Kastle wins out on hard pack, crud, and ice. Being a lighter ski I can drive the Endurance hard all day with less fatigue than the Kastle. Both skis can propel you to ridiculous speeds with the Kastle feeling a bit more stable. Verdict, the Endurance is my go to ski for western skiing or similar conditions and the Kastle for the east. Both skis perform well enough be an eastern and or western ski. If I could only afford one ski it would be the Endurance.

clifford s.
Canada Canada


Great all that I expected

David L.
United States United States

Single ski quiver

What first got my attention was Renoun’s claim their ski were better for your knees. My knees are not in great shape. My knees are grateful for Renoun skis. If you want a single ski quiver, the Endurance 98 is my recommendation. I work at a ski resort, (Aspen Highlands), and need a ski capable of handling a variety of conditions and terrain. This ski more than fit the bill. The 98 loves the fresh groomed snow but handles the chop as well as most every ski I’ve ridden. They work well in the powder as well. I used a big powder ski as my everyday driver for the last two seasons and while I love those skis, they weren’t meant for groomers which was the bulk of my work riding. This is the first ski I’ve bought in a very long time that I haven’t demoed first and I don’t regret it. The claims made about these skis are accurate and the customer service is the best. Thank you to everyone at Renoun.

Joey A.
United States United States

Renoun Rocks!

I have skied and rode for over 30 years in east and west conditions as an instructor and just for fun. I have had the experience of skiing virtually every brand and type and without a doubt these skis have been the best I have had the pleasure of owning. They are agile and supple in the bumps and woods - and then miraculously carve beautifully under speed. The Endurance ski is everything it is billed to be and more. On top of that Cyrus and his team are responsive and clearly care about what they do and their customers.

John B.
United States United States

Proud to be a Vermonter

These skis are incredible. They do it all: carving turns on FG, floating through pow, and adjusting to moguls and trees perfectly. I haven't found a condition that aren't great in. A Vermont ski company with the perfect Vermont ski suitable to everything the Northeast throws at you. You've won a fan for life Renoun!

Gregory M.
United States United States

Super versatile

I love my Endurance 98s! I have found them to be super versatile on piste and off. Just as advertised! The harder I push them on hard pack, the better they carve. I have never had an other ski that felt so comfortable doing all turn shapes. Off piste, they are a blast! Super maneuverable and fun. The VibeStop makes this lightweight ski feel much more stable than it should. I can see why older skiers appreciate VibeStop but younger skiers should definitely not overlook this super fun and maneuverable ripper! It can definitely be a one ski quiver if you’d like to go all over the mountain.

William V.
United States United States

The ultimate crud buster.

Great ski! In Bumps, pow or groomers this ski can handle it all. Had a waist deep run down Forever was the best run of the season, awesome ski!

Dave H.
United States United States

The hype is real

I did a ton of research when I was looking for my new pair of skis. One common thread I kept coming across was Renoun and the vibe stop technology. I dove into the articles and research info and ultimately decided on the Endurance 98 as the model for me. The first run I took with them was mind blowing. I have never skied on a pair of skis that is as smooth as these. The amount of vibration and subsequent bumps that I DO NOT feel is unbelievable. These things are the real deal, and I would easily pay double for them. Renoun has it down, well made ski, sick graphics and the mountain feel is ridiculous. Do yourself a favor and don’t pass up the opportunity to ride a pair of these. #awesomesauce

Paul D.
United States United States


Better than I hoped for. Vibe stop is not marketing, it’s science and delivers. Remarkably surprised at carving abilities of this ski. Bought this to round out my quiver, but it’s now my everyday go to ski.

Andrew K.
United States United States

Great skis

The team at Renoun is great and the 98s are fun, easy turning and can handle both ice and snow. Highly recommend.

Mark M.
United States United States

Best Skies I have ever owned !!

Super responsive on groomers and float in the power really enjoying them. 10 out of 10

Peter S.
United States United States

Renoun Endurance 98

So far I've really enjoyed these. Unfortunately I haven't had them in much powder put I've been pleasantly surprised by the stability while carving turns in hard pack at speed. They're also really fun in the moguls, a real all mountain ski. I highly recommend this product and for what it's worth, the customer service at Renoun is top notch.

Best Use

All Mountain — 50% on-trail, 50% off-trail.


The Endurance 98 first put Renoun on the map back in 2014. It’s versatile, poppy, playfulness are boosted the new tip and tail rocker profile and added metal. A playful profile is complemented by a reinforced core with double 2-inch titanal bands, resulting in a smoother experience than ever. An all-new 17-meter radius revs up the ride, ensuring turbo-powered turns from edge to edge. The heritage of the original Endurance lives on, but everything about the new 98 is a testament to how far we've come since our humble beginning.

Go anywhere, do anything. Reliable in all conditions.


Blister Recommended
Backcountry Select
PugSki Tester’s Choice




Radius:18m (184cm), 17m (177cm), 16m (170cm), 15m (163cm)

Lengths:184, 177, 170 & 163cm

Weight:1,678 g/ski (163cm), 1723 g/ski (170cm), 1,859g/ski (177cm), 1,915 g/ski (184cm)

Factory Bevel:1 degree base / 1 degree side


VibeStop™ 6 Channels

Core Lightweight Aspen wood core

Reinforcement Two partial sheets of Titanal metal, carbon fiber and tri-axial fiberglass


Vibration Reducing Polymer

8 Channels of VibeStop™ provide unmatched dampness. Soft and playful at rest, yet stiffens when vibrations increase and force is applied.

Aspen Full Wood Core

Lightweight Strength

A strong, yet lightweight wood delivers stability without slowing you down.

Race Base

Speed isn't an issue...

Our 4001 Sintered Race Base makes keeps your skis quick and nimble.

How Does It Compare?

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Endurance 98

This ski is a great all-around ski to handle variable snow depths and equipped for a trip in the back bowls yet will still carve like butter all the way back in for lunch. A great all-mountain choice. View Endurance 98 >

Compatible With All Bindings

We engineer all Renoun skis to be compatible with any binding on the market.

(Skis do not come mounted)

Fast Shipping & Returns

Free shipping on all full-priced skis to the US and Canada. We also ship to Europe, Japan and Australia for a fee.

Order by 1pm Monday-Friday EST for same-day shipping.

Renoun uses VibeStop in basketball floors like PennState's court in Altoona.

Contact our sister-company for inquiries here >

Renoun has patented VibeStop in surfboards and boat hauls. A more stable ride on the water? Yes please.

The Renoun Guarantee

Love them or your money back.

No Delays

We typically respond to return or exchange requests in under 24 hours.

No Hassles

We’ll give you a pre-paid label for your return or exchange.


Less than 3 in 100 skis are ever returned. People love their Renoun's.

Have a return or exchange to make? Click here >

Free Returns And Exchanges.

We believe in our product & our technology and stand firmly behind them. We offer a Moneyback Guarantee with every full-price ski purchase from us. Ski them up to 3 days within 6 months of delivery and if you aren't absolutely in love, we'll buy them back, no questions asked.

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