Citadel 114 Awarded Best Powder Ski By Ski Magazine

Posted by Jascha Herlihy on

Exerpt pulled from 'The Best Powder Skis Of 2023" By Ski Magazine

The Renoun Citadel 114 demands a skier who consistently can drive the front of the ski. When harnessed, this ski doesn’t just float through hero pow but can make light of a fresh dusting, skied-out chop, and chalky faces. This ski features some seriously cool technology: Renoun’s proprietary vibration-reducing tech, which is now used in basketball court floors favored by NBA players looking to protect their knees. In the Citadal 114, this technology harnesses the energy of a turn and releases that same energy in the second half of the turn in a soft, malleable burst of power. “You definitely feel the stiffness change when more energy is put into the ski, he says. “That’s what gives it that fun maneuverability in slow tight turn situations while still being incredibly stout at speed.” Testers said this ski is for anyone looking for a responsive powder ski. “Everyone can ski this and feel at home,” Courtney Harkins says. “I don’t have many bad things to say about this ski. Most skiers could take it out and have a grand ol’ time.”

Overall score: 7.01/10
Lengths (cm): 178, 186
Dimensions (mm): 144-114-135
Radius (m): 19
Price: $999 (Buy Now)
Pros: Flotation, Playfulness

We have a few of the 114's available for the public. You can purchase yours here. If you're not skiing neck-deep pow or hopping off spines in Alaska on a day-to-day basis, check out the Citadel in a 106mm waist.