She's Baaack

She's Baaack

Written by: Taegen Yardley


Welcome the new Earhart 88

You've spoken, and we've listened. The Renoun Earhart 88 is back, and it's bringing more to the slopes than ever.

Remember the poll from our previous blog post about top sheet colors? We were blown away by your enthusiasm and participation. Your votes and comments didn't just guide our decisions – they shaped the very essence of the new Earhart 88 ski.

To our Renoun community: thank you. You've been an integral part of this process, and we want you to know that your input has directly influenced the evolution of the Earhart 88. This isn't just our ski – it's yours too.

When we first launched the Earhart 88, we knew we had something special. A ski designed by women, for women, that didn't compromise on performance or style. We believe that women deserve ski gear that's as ambitious and adventurous as they are. The Earhart 88 embodies this philosophy, combining cutting-edge VibeStop™ technology with intuitive design to deliver an unparalleled skiing experience. But we didn't stop there. We've taken your feedback and elevated our designs to reflect the tastes and preferences of our diverse community.

Horizontal view of Renoun Earhart 88 downhill alpine ski new "coral" colorway for 2024/25
Credit - Renoun

Your excitement and feedback have given our design team a lot to think about... But in the end, only one graphic could be the star. And the favorite?... Salmon!

It's bold, it's daring, and it's exactly what you asked for. We're excited to spice up our quiver, and yours with this eye-catching color. Whether you spend your time exploring the resorts, or the backcountry, these skis are sure to turn some heads and spark conversation.

Tips of Earhart 88 by Renoun skis downhill alpine skis designed by women for women. New  for 2024/25
Credit - Renoun

Ready to be among the first to showcase the new color this season? Now's your opportunity. Our summer pre-orders offer a chance to secure a new pair of Earharts at $200 off the original price. Here at Renoun, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, and we understand the excitement that builds as ski season approaches. With that in mind, we're also offering a limited-time opportunity to reserve your skis for just a $100 deposit. This allows you to lock in your gear well before the first snowfall, ensuring you're ready to hit the mountain as soon as winter arrives.
The countdown to winter starts now.

Tips and front half of the all new Earhart 88 downhill ski for women by Renoun skis. New color for 2024/25 winter
Credit - Renoun
Tail end portion of Renoun Earhart 88 downhill ski for 2024/25 season
Credit - Renoun
Tip end portion of Renoun Earhart 88 downhill ski for 2024/25 season
Credit - Renoun

Earhart Color Poll Results

The Poll Results Are In! We asked, and your responses certainly didn't disappoint. The competition was fierce among our three design contenders: Blue, Pink, and Salmon.

Salmon has emerged as the crowd favorite, edging out the blue and pink options. This vibrant, peachy top sheet clearly resonated with many of you, and we're thrilled to see enthusiasm for the less conventional choice. The graphs below help showcase why we chose Salmon over the Blue and Pink options.

Salmon beat pink and blue handily when it came to the number of top choice votes.

Salmon was also a hands-down winner when we included first and second-choice votes.

Pink was by far the least-favorite colorway. Salmon was ranked bottom choice less frequently than any other option.

Photo of Author Lucy Higgins while skiing
Credit - Lucy Higgins

The Author: Taegen Yardley

Taegen, a passionate mountain enthusiast, brings seven years of USSA-certified ski coaching expertise to the slopes. After honing her marketing skills at Darn Tough Vermont, she now acts as Social Media Marketing and Athlete Teams Manager at Renoun.

Her favorite (unconventional) trail snack? Black licorice.

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