Ski Name Origin Stories

Ski Name Origin Stories

Where does a ski name come from? Regardless of the origin, there is a reason behind each name in our collection.

Renoun Founder Cyrus Schenck tells the backstory of how each name came to be.

The Atlas

The Atlas 80 is a high performance carver, great for hard snow and groomed terrain. Full camber ski with a thighter radius for a more gruppy and zippy feel.

The Earhart

A hardpack & Groomer focused ski designed and tested by women. Rocker in the tip & tail add versatility in soft snow while chamer underfoot allows you to carve hard on groomers.

The Endurance

Both the Endurance 88 and 98 are desined with all mountain versatility in mind. Great for hard snow, variable snow depths, trees, and the occasional pow day. Good at just about everything.

The Citadel

The Citadel 106 is at home in softer or variable snow. A wider chassis is paired with a rocker-chamber-rocker profile that provides ample float without sacrificing too much performance on hardpack.

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