Feel the Bern ski - By RENOUN

Below the Surface -  Just behind Bernie's hair are channels of HDT, the material which allows these skis to adapt instantly.


Yes, we built The World's Only Bernie Ski!

RENOUN doesn't usually get involved with politics. We build award-winning skis, not the next Geneva Convention. But we’re from Vermont. Bernie is from Vermont.

We're about challenging conventional wisdom, and this industry has more than enough tradition. So when we set out in Vermont, we released HDT to shake things up. It became the first technology in the world that could change and adapt to conditions, instantly.

And 3 months later we won Gold at ISPO, an international competition that matched us against largest ski manufacturers in the world. Take that, conventional wisdom. 

Since then, RENOUN was featured in the New York Times, Aspen Magazine and other leading publications. We are humbled by the response of industry experts who are saying things like “Best independent ski I’ve ever skied” or “Welcome to the future”. 

Needless to say, when we got the idea of making a ski about a fellow Vermonter, we didn't blink. This is the only non-production ski we’ve ever made. We considered making a Trump ski as well, but frankly couldn’t get his hair to look right. Maybe Rubio’s’ would be easier. . .

In just nine days, we'll be sending this award winning ski to one lucky person. Sign up below!

RENOUN — Burlington, Vermont
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RENOUN was founded in Burlington Vermont, Bernie's hometown. Burlington is often rated one of the top 10 Cities to Live in the country.


Bigger than RENOUN - The original idea for a #bernski came from the owner of a world-class training facility here in Burlington, Athletx.  


Feel the Bern ski, by RENOUN