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Renouns are the only skis available with vibration absorption technology, VibeStop™. VibeStop™ reduces vibrations and unwanted chatter by over 300% using lab-tested non-newtonian physics. Your skis adapt in live time, stiff when you need them to be, softer when you want them to be.

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Renoun Skis
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VibeStop™ Technology
VibeStop™️ Technology keeps your skis in contact with the snow for vastly enhanced control.
Perfect-Fit Guarantee
Perfect fit every time, know you have the best ski.
Free Shipping + Free Returns
Free Shipping on all full priced orders in the US and CA
6-month trial
Try your new skis up to three days on snow in the first 6 months.
Carbon Neutral
Offset of all carbon emissions related to the company
Ski Insurance
Optional theft & damage insurance for tip-to-tail coverage.
Special Financing
Monthly installments to pay for your gear over time

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1125+ Reviews

The hype is real

"I did a ton of research when I was looking for my new pair of skis. The first run I took with them was mind-blowing. I have never skied on a pair of skis that is as smooth as these. The amount of vibration and subsequent bumps that I don't feel anymore is unbelievable. These things are the real deal, and I would easily pay double for them. Do yourself a favor and don’t pass up the opportunity to ride a pair of these."

- Dave H


"Better than I hoped for. Vibestop™️ is not marketing, it’s science and it delivers. Remarkably surprised at the carving abilities of this ski. Bought this to round out my quiver, but it’s now my everyday go-to!"

- Paul D

Totally blown away

"After 40+ years working in the ski industry I’ve had a couple of sets of skis. I'm amazed and totally blown away to experience absolutely 0 chatter. They’re exactly what this old guy needed."

- Randy D

Performs even better than advertised

"I can not say enough great things about Renoun skis! They cut through the ice like a hot knife through butter! No vibration, great hold and you don’t have to work hard! I have been skiing for 55 years I have a spinal disease and these skis keep me skiing!"

- Johnathan M

Best Skis Ever Built

Renoun's ski effortlessly, and stay stable at high speeds, and that is no easy task for lightweight boards! They ski smooth and precise - I wouldn't ski anything else."

- Todd B